Individual Life & Disability Insurance


In conjuction with our insurance and investment brokerage, WPG, we are able to offer a wide range of insurance packages that can meet your needs. As part of your wealth, investment and retirement plans, we can include the following products into your portfolio:

This benefit provides financial assistance to the beneficiary of a deceased employee. An employee's group life insurance is paid to the beneficiary upon an employee's death from any cause whatsoever, while the coverage is in force.

This benefit provides financial assistance in the event that an insured employee incurs a loss of life, limbs, sight or hearing through accidental means.

This benefit provides life insurance coverage for an employee's eligible dependents. In the event of a covered dependent's death from any cause whatsoever while insured, the amount of dependent life insurance will be paid to the employee.

This is a voluntary term insurance available to you, your spouse and dependants through a benefit plan. It provides additional coverage above and beyond your Basic Life Insurance and allows you to choose the amount of coverage that fits your family's circumstances. Optional Life coverage supplements your basic coverage to reduce the potentially devastating impact that the loss of your income would have on your family and your family's standard of living.

WPG distributes a variety of segregated funds offered and managed by some of the largest insurance companies in Canada. Similar to mutual funds, segregated funds offer the additional benefits of being governed under the Insurance Act and carry a death benefit and principal guarantee that mutual funds are unable to offer. In most cases, segregated funds are generally protected from creditors during bankruptcies and may bypass estate taxes on death. As wealth planners, we consider each client's needs on an individual basis and segregated funds may be integral to achieving your investment, retirement, and estate planning goals.

This benefit provides partial replacement of lost income for an employee who becomes disabled because of a covered sickness or injury, while insured. The income is intended to help cover living expenses. The employee must be unable to perform a substantial portion of the duties regularly performed for the employer before disability started.

This benefit provides partial replacement of lost income for an employee who becomes totally disabled, while insured. It is designed to provide for the continuance of a reasonable portion of an employee's normal salary in the event a disease or injury prevents him or her from working over a prolonged period of time.

Critical Illness Insurance can be added to any group insurance plan. This type of insurance pays out a lump sum on the diagnosis of a 'serious disease'. These conditions can include: cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, heart bypass surgery and angioplasty. Some policies may even pay out on the loss of sight, hearing and / or paralysis.

Long-Term Care is a health and personal care service provided for individuals who are no longer able to care for themselves. Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) is a complement product to your other insurance, providing a source of funds to pay for access to private care facilities. Without long-term care insurance, individuals are often faced with the unpleasant need to liquidate assets or rely on their children or the government for help in providing the necessary care. With the increase in average life expectancy, the probability of requiring long-term care has increased, as has the cost for private facilities. WPG can ensure that with the proper coverage your needs will be met.